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  XOOPS Total Articles : 12  
Posted by John Seymour on 2008/8/5 12:31:17 (4661 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAt WebServerMasters we are always looking for ways to improve the life of a webmaster and/or server administrator. We already do this by taking the burden of routine updates to the system or CMS off their backs with our Subcribed Services.

The server's or website's uptime is critical to keeping your users/clients happy as well as your business and income activities working steadily. How many times have you been away and found out after several hours that your site/server has been down for an extended length of time without your knowing.

This will happen no more with our new Monitoring Service which can be set up to notify you by either email or SMS when any selected service goes down.

Unlike other monitoring services, where all sites and servers are monitored from one location, ours is highly redundant - monitoring from multiple locations around the world. See on our Monitoring Network Page.

For more information, please visit our Monitoring Site, look over our offerings, read about our services and sing up for a 14 day Free Trial. You will then feel secure in knowing that all your services are up and running, or will know as soon as it happens when they go down.

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  WarPig Site News Total Articles : 12  
Posted by John Seymour on 2006/1/9 8:51:58 (3761 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowI am currently offering a new service at WarPigW2.com. The new service is a Premium Support Service.

Do you need extra help maintaining your Web site?

If so, subscribe to this service and receive the extra administrative help needed.

This will give you access to this sites support ticket system, plus other premium services to be added in the future.

I offer a subscription that applies to access to the sites ticket system, and repairs or maintenance charges will be negotiated on a per incident basis.

Also I am offering several routine maintenance options with a onetime charge.

    Article ID : 108

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  Technology Total Articles : 10  
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/22 21:34:09 (3131 reads)

Hey guys, just thought I'd qoute what Intel has to say about their new chips. This may clarify a bit about what you have to do to use them.

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  Security Total Articles : 18  
Posted by Stuart Hurdis on 2005/4/27 9:07:32 (5838 reads)

For those of you using PHP Nuke:

More than half of our spam/blacklisting problems derive from PHP Nuke installs on our customers' websites. Older versions of PHP Nuke can be used to send out spam. There is nothing we can do for you to prevent this from happening. Only your cooperation will help us.

We ask that everyone make sure to use ONLY the latest version of PHP Nuke.
You can download it here:

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  Games Total Articles : 4  
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/27 18:25:28 (17970 reads)

I downloaded and used a new Xbox connection utility called XBConnect. It’s a great alternative to Xbox Live and it’s FREE! You just use your pc to connect through the Internet. So, you and your buddy can basically do a System Link Game over the Internet.
Here’s the skinny:

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  Rants and Raves Total Articles : 2  
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/2/4 13:32:15 (3016 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThings are getting very exciting around my town this week. The "quiet" and "sleepy" town of Jacksonville Florida is the host of Super Bowl XXXIX.

Ten years ago, Jacksonville was awarded a NFL franchise. The Jacksonville Jaguars are our hometown heros. But with all the games played in our town, nothing has ever compared to this.

    Article ID : 37

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  General News Total Articles : 2  
Posted by John Seymour on 2006/3/31 18:51:02 (5632 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowI have just opened a new Web site: Patriot-Pages.com

It is a Blog site open to active military personnel and their families.

Here is a copy of the announcement news from the site:

I do not know for sure if I am going about this in the right way, but this site is my way of saying thank you to all these brave men and women.

This site will be set up so the active military personnel will have a central place to post there experience, thoughts, pictures, or even private messages just for their loved ones to read.

    Article ID : 114

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  MySQL Total Articles : 3  
Posted by ritesh on 2006/1/23 11:35:32 (4220 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowWebyog has released SQLyog 5 to manage MySQL 5. SQLyog is an easy to use,
compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database
anywhere in the world. SQLyog is FREE for personal and commercial use.

Apart from the usual db client-tool features like export, import, creating
& dropping of objects, diagnostics & flush tools, multiple database
connections etc. it includes lot of unique features e.g. HTTP/SSH
Tunneling, Database Synchronization, Schema Synchronization, Notification
Services, Migration Toolkit, Multithreaded query execution with option to
stop long running queries etc.

    Article ID : 110

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