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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 100
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00.01
Published Date: 2005/5/25 10:12:24
Reads : 18579

Click to see original Image in a new windowYou may have noticed that new XOOPS Tutorials have not been added lately, there is a reason for this. Let me explain.

Two recent changes are coming about that are going to require a rewrite in the tutorials. I am watching development of both, and will be updating the tutorials when I feel the changes are pretty much finalized.

The first change coming is the release of a new version of XOOPS with lots of changes to the administration interface. I believe these changes are very positive and will be a welcome addition to the XOOPS application interface. However, they will make the current administration tutorials obsolete. So I will need to remake the tutorials, but cannot until I am sure that the design is final in function.

The scheduled release date for this new version ,XOOPS version 2.2, is due around the end of June. I should be able to start the tutorial rewrite when the release candidates are available. And will add tutorials to cover some of the many new features available in version 2.2.

Another change, although not as drastic, is a change in the development and name change of newwbb 2. It now has the new name of CBB. The current tutorials for newbb2 also apply to this new version. I currently have it installed on my site and currently exploring some of the many new features of this great forum application. More tutorials to cover these new features will follow as I have the time.

Speaking of time, another issue reducing my free time, but I feel for the good of the XOOPS community, is my commitment to develop and lead the XOOPS Liaison Team. This is a team in charge of communications between XOOPS.org and all Official Local Support Sites. With all the current changes on the way, communication will be a key to the success of the XOOPS Project.

Anyway I hope this explains that the XOOPS Tutorial section is not going the way of the dinosaur, but just paused until some official changes are finalized. Thanks for your continued support.

John Seymour

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