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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 106
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00.01
Published Date: 2005/10/15 4:20:48
Reads : 3404

Click to see original Image in a new windowWarpigw2.com has upgraded hosting several times. First we had standard hosting at American Hosting which offered quality standard hosting with several hundred megabytes of space. Then there was high performance web hosting at PerfectSQL.com which offered 1000 MB of space and 30 gigs of bandwidth. The SQL server was on a separate machine for performance. A well tuned shared hosting service.
I have decided to change hosts again, this time looking for a solution to completely control the server settings for my site.

Click to see original Image in a new window The solution is a Virtual Private Server. I am now hosted through Tektonic with 20 gigs of space and about 150 gigs of bandwidth. A big plus is full server root access to control my server independent of the other servers on the server. I have my own OS (CentOS), my own apache web server, and SSH access. All of this for $28 per month.
This is an unmanaged server service, they do offer fully managed VPS for slightly more. If using the unmanaged server you need to have a basic understanding of Linux operation.
It was amazing to me how easy it was to transfer my site from my old server to the new through the SSH commandline. Much faster than with phpmyadmin. I was able to connect directly to the database to install the SQL file.
This is a re learning experience for me, and I am sure others will have questions on server management. So I started an e-mail list for Virtual Private Server Users to ask and receive answers on configuration, maintenance, and security of the server (unmanaged servers all are your responsibility.)
More plans and an expansion are in the works for my site. Stay tuned.

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