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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 113
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00
Published Date: 2006/3/31 16:35:36
Reads : 7186

Click to see original Image in a new windowFinally got some free time to create my first tutorial for this site. I am starting with a series of tutorials on the great SSH client Putty for Windows.

Putty is a free application that can be downloaded from Here.

It uses both SSH and telnet protocols and is a great application for remote server administration.

Visit TutorialMasters.com for more information.

The first tutorial in this series is the application PuttyGen that is used to generate public and private keys for a sort of autologin to a SSH (Secure Shell) session.

You can purchase both the server display and personal tutorial versions in the Tutorial Downloads section of this site. I have also included a freely downloadable (some frames removed) sample of the tutorial. The sample can be downloaded from the above page or from this Direct Link.

The tutorial can be customized (with a custom intro page designed for your site) at an additional charge. Please contact me for details and a quote based on your desires.

I hope to be able to add more at a regular interval now. Please use the forums to let me know your thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks for your patients (as I have been very busy at my regular job) and for visiting TutorialMasters.com.

John Seymour

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