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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 115
Audience : Top News
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Published Date: 2006/6/17 12:11:34
Reads : 5951

In this age of modern Linux distributions with autoinstallers that configure your system in a generic way. And in this age of graphical installers that guide you through the installation process with a simple press of the "Next" button. How refreshing it was to install Gentoo. Seemed like a real Linux install, very light on graphics, and all functions through a (non guided) command line.

Installation is covered in the first eleven chapters of the online handbook, which gets you a fully functioning non x-window system, which I am currently reading up on the online handbook for Gentoo desktop applications to add these features.

I started out with the minimal install CD which was just a 49 mb ISO image. Burned it to CD, booted from it and manually configured my network card. From here formatted my disks with fdisk, and created ext2 and ext3 file systems on all partitions.

Once this was done, mounted all partitions for a gentoo install. Will add more later.

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Author Thread
Published: 2006/6/30 10:27  Updated: 2006/6/30 10:27
 Re: Gentoo Linux (a refreshing experience)
Yep, the coming of the Linux desktop may finally be here. Personally I use Ubuntu, and the latest version (6.06) also has a complete graphical installer from a Live-CD enviroment.
Published: 2006/9/28 8:23  Updated: 2006/9/28 8:23
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/5/2
From: Nottingham, UK
Comments: 3
 Re: Gentoo Linux (a refreshing experience)
I would also like to agree and say it was a good exsperince on gentoo as a demo off the disk, yet owning all my windows software is like being a spoiled kid in my case...
Yet if you need an opperating system Gentoo also runs on a 64bit amd amilo laptop with out a problem on default...

I did also try studio 64 which is very good for web designers musicians and artist containing all graphic packages and music...

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