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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 122
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00.02
Published Date: 2008/10/24 3:30:00
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Click to see original Image in a new windowBeen watching the Microsoft "I'm a Stereotype" ads. Kind of makes me laugh. This has to be a high complement to Apple that their ad program is working.

The only problem with this ad though is that it assumes that if you own a PC, you have Windows on it.

Well one thing is for sure, I own or use several PCs even at work - and Windows will never be on my computers.

I hear people say all the time that Linux is not ready for prime time, but, it is ready for my time. I do wish that people would get out of the habit of letting their PCs run them, and get rid of windows so they can run their PCs again.

For sure over the years Microsoft has cornered the personal computer market, but they did so with so much illegal practices that dorve their competition to the wayside. They also hide so much from the user because "they feel" that it is to complicated for the user to handle. Not to mention that much of their code is based, and should be illegally I might add, on open source derivatives of tcip and file shareing protocols. They have only recently started putting a small foot in to the open source markets, when actually they should have been giving back some of what they have taken all along.

Well, enough of my ranting. Kudos to the now famous Apple commercial. I am glad it has affected Microsoft enough to rebuff. But remember, I am a PC and I don't do windows.

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