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Author : John Seymour
Article ID : 33
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00.01
Published Date: 2005/1/19 1:51:06
Reads : 15431

No cammand line interface to the site. That left me with one option, PHPmyadmin.

The only problem with restoriing, or installing a database with PHPmyadmin is the script timeout error. PHPmyadmin can load small databases with no trouble, but if you have a larger database, more than 2.5 to 3MB the operation will time out. My database is a little over 7MB so there was no way for me to install the full database with PHPmyadmin.

OK. So I have 144 tables with 7 mb of information. How would I get this database installed?

The solution was to break the database up into smaller chunks and install it a piece at a time.

I logged in to PHPmyadmin on my former site and exported sections of the database keeping whole module sections intact. In all I divided the database up into seven 1MB chunks. Had seven folders on my local computer named , restore1, restore2 and so on.

When you export from PHPmyadmin check the following options in the export options: SQL, Add DROP TABLE, Add AUTO_INCREMENT, Enclose table and field names with backquotes, Use hexadecimal for binary fields, set the export type to INSERT, set the filename template to _DB_, and tick to export in "gzipped" format. Select the tables that you want to export (hold down the CTRL key while clicking multiple tables for export.)

Next I logged in to PHPmyadmin on the new site and installed each table chunk to the database. To do this click on the SQL tab, click on browse, a file browse window appears, locate and select the file then click the go button. The file will be uploaded then installed to the database. Once completed PHPmyadmin will give you a success or failure screen with the number of operations performed.

Once all of the tables are installed click on the Structure tab, scroll to the bottom, click on check all (which just puts a check mark by all tables). There is a dropdown list titled With Selected, click on that and select Analyze Table. You will probably get many error messaged here about primary keys and such.

Click the Structure tab again and click on Check All. Go back to the dropdown list and select Repair Table. All tables should be listed with an "OK" by them.

So now we have the website and the database installed. Now we need to configure mainfile.php.

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Author Thread
Published: 2005/1/19 2:19  Updated: 2005/1/19 2:21
Joined: 2005/1/9
Comments: 27
 Re: Xoops Site Migration
Hey JD since I have migrated my site on numerous occasions and with only 1 major issue in one migration (which was the hosting services fault) I had been DDOS attacked and somebody was hotlinking files off me caused me to use 65gig of b/w in 2 days and my allowance is only 15gig a month luckily they did not charge me for exceess b/w. So i moved domain names the problem was that my host forgot the http refferers so my site never propergated It was unusual after a week and still no site..

Finally got it all done but I do have only 1 query and that was in your database restoration I used phpmyadmin to export m tables (143 tables roughly 6mb) and I was able to restore the database in one go through phpmyadmin and I am only on DSL 256 down 56 up. But I would say thats a better way and faster way of importing your database so well done on that mate...

As for moving well I would love to be able to get a dedicated server just like this but with no visa/bankcard/mastercard or whatever I am very limited in what hosting service I use edspecially with the adult content on my site (most XXX Rated) I find a lot of hosting services will not allow my site on there servers apart from US ones which I am now using one in florida which so far have been awesome.

The hosting site i went through got hit by all the cyclones and out of all of the cyclones there was only a 5 hour downtime as the cyclone cut the cables outside the building and the techises stayed onsite during it so they could get started repairing the damage as soon as it past there was no loss of data or damage to any of the servers now thats what I called committed to providing a great service...

As for your site IT ROCKS and well done mate on doing a awesome job on it maybe you can give me some pointers on how to improve my site mate be muchly appreciated.

Published: 2005/1/19 8:19  Updated: 2005/1/19 8:19
 Re: Xoops Site Migration

I have a question that has bothered me for a while.
I do all of my development on my localhost and once the site is up and running migrate it to the web hosting server.
It is a simple case of FTP all the files up, change the details on the mainfile.php file to correspond to the web hosting servers details and then do a dump of my local database into the web hosting's mysql server.

The site wil then work, only small details will not be the same. For example, I changed the look of the left, right and center blocks so that they do not have a title or a border. On the one server it is just how I specified it and on the other not.
On the uploaded server the admin menu is only showing three module (although they are all installed and working just file) and when I redo the ftp of the system files, nothing changes.
I made a change on the localhost's theme.html file and uploaded it, but it never made the change on the web's site.

This has flumuxed me because if the information on both databases is EXACTLY THE SAME and the php and css and html files are EXACTLY THE SAME on both servers, why oh why, do they not look the same?

I am hoping that you can explain to me what is going on. I have posted in the xoops. org site, but there has been no response.

Thanks for your time.
Published: 2005/1/19 9:21  Updated: 2005/1/19 9:21
Joined: 2004/11/5
From: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Comments: 201
 Re: Xoops Site Migration
To your first question, I would say yes it should work (although I do my development on the web with backups to my local computer) just make sure that you clear any and all cache options. Update all modules especially the system module if you run into any page link problems. And remember any hard links will have to be changed.

On your second question, check to make sure all cache options are cleared. Go to Site Preferences and Edit General Settings. Put a tick mark in yes Update Themes and Templates. Do that just temporarily until you get all changes to show then disable again. On modules not showing, update the modules to rebuild the blocks, then in the Blocks Admin page make sure that you re-edit all updated blocks to your liking.

HTH. And good luck with your site.
Published: 2005/5/25 15:30  Updated: 2005/5/25 15:30
 Re: Xoops Site Migration
Hi everyone i went just did an update from 2.0 to 2.10 3 days ago no backup and since i do that all custom block that i have on my front page and other pages is not showing up no matter what i do
I follow the tutorial that ask us to move some folders that we don’t need

Now i went back to read some more then someone is talking about the main file .php

One other thing i have one person trying to register but only get blank pages i get a lot of them too when i try to make changes since the upgrade

On the upgrade are we suppose to do the 777 on any folders?
Take a look http://www.positiveweb.net/relate
Published: 2005/5/26 11:22  Updated: 2005/5/26 11:22
Joined: 2004/11/5
From: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Comments: 201
 Re: Xoops Site Migration
OK, I assime you mean that you upgraded to XOOPS version 2.0.10. In an upgrade you are right, the install folder is not needed. Mainfile.php should be protected to prevent overwrite, but is not included in the upgrade package so this should not be a problem.

As far as the blank pages, go to System Admin - Preferences - General Settings and enable PHP debug to view the errors on the blank page.

Also have the person with the problem registering check his/her firewall settings to make sure that the referrer information is not blocked (XOOPS uses this for security reasons.)

Chmod settings should still be the same from your original XOOPS installation. But check the cache, template_c and upload folders for chmod 777. mainfile.php should be chmod 444 to prevent tampering.

I will be launching a XOOPS helpdesk on my site over the weekend. If you still have problems submit a ticket and we will track the methods of repair.
Published: 2005/6/1 16:05  Updated: 2005/6/1 16:05
 Re: Xoops Site Migration
Thank you very much what did was reinstall every thing from a fresh start and it is working wonderfull

I install MyAlbum mod and their is one problem to solve at this point ImageMagick
I run the Check Confs&Envs and the only error is
Config Check
Pipe for images: ImageMagick
Path: ImageMagick/
Error: ImageMagick/convert can't be executed

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