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Author : kyoshiro mibu
Article ID : 38
Audience : Top News
Version 1.00.01
Published Date: 2005/2/18 18:23:34
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Click to see original Image in a new windowHey fellas,

I\'m going to start posting All the Halo2 Glitches I know (and that\'s a boat-load)
For now this is just test to make sure John\'s stuff works before I type for 30 minutes only to have the site time me out and lose all my work AGAIN!

4. Drive the warthog to the end of the map on Caogulation and then get
in the
passenger seat in the warthog with a sword and then have someone fly up
to you
in a ghost and aim at them with the sword and swing at them. Then have
them fly
and once they are more than half way or so get out of the warthog and
you should
fly in the same path that they went.

5. same as what your dealing with in coagulation but on foundation.
**note you
must have a passenger enabled vehicle in the game for this to work.
Destroy the
turret on one side of the map and drive a vehicle up the lift and place
it where
the turret was. jump in the passenger seat and lock on to someone with
the sword
(hit at them when your showing red) and then have them go to the
opposite side
of the board...jump out of the vehicle and BOOM instant flight to the

6. **ZANZIBAR 1 FLAG CTF** Get the flag from the base and run up the
towards the two entrances at the front. Throw it into the corner at the
top of
the first set of stairs. It has to be touching the wall in the corner.
outside the base and jump on the boxes out front and to the side. Jump
the flag symbol. Hit the X button to pick up the flag and you\'ll pull
it right
through the wall. Mission accomplished if everyone is inside waiting
for you.

7. The sword offers limitless opportunites for glitches. In Zanzibar if
you have
someone stand by the corner of red base (the right side of the base if
coming from blue base) and you\'ll look up at the roof. Now you\'ll
notice where
the rock formation joins to the roof and makes kind of a V shape. have
person start jumping in that area. not moving around just jumping up
and down.
Now you standing behind him with a sword are going to try to attack
him. After
you lunge at him make sure you hit the X to cancel your attack. If you
do this
while he\'s at the top of his jump it should put you on top of the red
base and
able to see across everything from the top.

8. Also under the same rules go over where the rocket launcher is
located. Have
your buddy jump up and down on the pillar standing in front of the
windmill but
up beside the launcher. Have him jump and down and you lunge at him
again. If
done correctly you\'ll jump on top of the windmill....HELLOOOOO SNIPERS!

9. Still under the same rules go into foundation. On this level you can
get on
top of the level with ease. Look at the roofing and follow it around
until you
get to the point where the roof is lower set. Happens 4 times on this
board. On
both sides of the board where the rocket ammo is kept it should be
lowered. Have
your buddy stand on the ledge and you stand below him on the ground.
Have him
jump and you jump with him. When your both timed right and at the top
of your
jump do a lunge cancel. You\'ll do a super jump that will land you on
top of the
lower landing. Roofers landing WhOop!

10. Can\'t remember the board name but you\'ll all know the one I\'m
talkin about.
The one with the bridge that is broken down and leads to nowhere.
Everytime you
play online it does a stupid ass Assault competition here.
Anyway...play this
with snipers and overshields. Stand down on the side next to red base
someone grab a wraith. Stand against the wall and have your buddy ram
the hell
outta you. When done right you\'ll land on top of one of the building
and can
walk out over the water where its unrendered.

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Published: 2005/8/17 5:10  Updated: 2005/8/17 5:10
 Re: Halo 2 Glitches
how di\\u super jump on burial mounds

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