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Author : kyoshiro mibu
Article ID : 39
Audience : Top News
Version 1.01
Published Date: 2005/2/19 0:15:01
Reads : 9481

Click to see original Image in a new windowAll right guys, here's some basics on glitches in Halo 2.
But first go to the trash can. Insert that honkin @$$ controller that
came with your Xbox! Get your @$$ to the store. Buy a Logitech wireless remote
controller. It's only $40 (and don't gimme that "it's too expensive" crap. If you've
read this far then you're a freaking nerd and the investment is worth it!)
The buttons are much more sensitive and easier to hit. This will improve your game
play dramatically. (And make glitches like the rocket dash much easier)

Basic glitches:

Rocket Dash (aka "Rocket Cancel")
Sword Snipe
Sword Dash (aka "Sword Cancel")

To perform these create a custom game with ONLY ROCKETS AND SWORDS. You need to make sure that all players have overhsields. This will reduce the manslaughter rate as you perfect these moves.

To perform the Rocket Dash just get the rocket launcher and get rid of all your rockets (You don't have to do this but you have to be #OOPS#ed good to do this WITH rockets). Once you have shot em all off simply aim at someone. Make sure there's a clear path between you and them and make sure the cross hairs are red (NOT ZOOMED IN).

Once you verify all of these thing start pressing Blue (X), Yellow (Y) and Right Trigger (RT) as fast as you can. If you do this right then you'll zoom across the intervening space fast as hell. Try getting the person in your sights ABOVE you and control how you bounce off that person. If you hit Jump right as you touch them you're going to fly FAR.

You can turn the Rocket Dash into a Sword Snipe pretty easily. As you are flying towards your target just switch to your sword and pull the right trigger as you touch them. LOL, funny as hell how mad your target will get!

To do the Sword Dash just get close enough to a target (with your sword out)
that the cross-hair is red. Just pulkl the right trigger. Here's the hitch, right
as you pull the right trigger push the Blue (X) button to cancel it. This has to
be almost at the exact same time. If executed properly then you'll dash towards
your target but your left hand will be sticking way out instead of your sword.

OK, I'll add more later!

Again, my gamertag is YukimuraSonada fell free to add me to your friends list!
(When you add me leave me a voice message that says "Hey, I saw you on


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