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Author : kyoshiro mibu
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Published Date: 2005/2/19 3:25:46
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Click to see original Image in a new windowHalo2 Glitching Lessons Part II

OK, boys and girls hopefully you've tried out the things I explained in my last post. Here's a few more neat tricks before I get into the specific glitches on each level:

Infinate sword hopping (the human ladder):

This looks crazy if you're watching it be done. First things first: Sorry, you covenant users but you need your character to be a Master Chief (Well, you don't HAVE to it's just easier to stand on Master Chief's head). Anyways get 2 people. Have one person stand on the other person's head. The person on bottom needs to have an energy sword.

What you do: The guy on bottom has to hit Red (B) and Blue (X) as fast as humanly possible (try using both thumbs for this). The person on top has to just keep jumping. What will happen?

1) The person on top jumps
2)The person on bottom (by pressins x and b so fast) sword dashes up into the feet of the top person
3) The person on top jumps
4)repeat until you've reached your desired height. I'll see about
posting a video of this. This will get you high but it will
have you pulling your freaking hair out trying to get it right

Better Sword Accuracy and better dueling:

Ever die RIGHT AS YOU PULLED the trigger and you have the sword?
And you're like "WTF???! I pulled the trigger, I dashed, and I f**king DIED??!!"
I feel your pain. Here's few tips:

1) Don't wait until the sword crosshairs turn red to pull the trigger. Learn how far you have to be for it to turn red and pull the trigger about half a secound before it turns red. This will usually let you beat them off the draw.

2) Attack from above! Get to a high position and chop their heads off!

3) STRAFE, JUMP, and CROUCH (while in the air)! You have to really have a presence of mind to pull the strafing off simply because folks tend to get skittish when confronted by another sword weilding-person. If you can keep cool and strafe you will avoid a LOT of sword dash attacks. And the jumping part helps you be a harder target and get some altitude to make you hits count.
Also, if you crouch in mid-air then you're a smaller and harder to hit target.

4) Don't take a gun (short of the Rocket Launcher) to a sword fight in close spaces. (Don't get any foolish shotgun ideas either).

Battle Rifle Tips:

Learn where head level is. Get in a small space. Two shots to the head with the B.R. and your target has had it. I once got about 12 kills in a row in a small room in Foundation doing this.

Use the battle rifle from a distance to get sloppy seconds on the weakened winner of an SMG fight!

Also, try combining a fully charged Plasma Pistol shot and the SMG. Drop their shields with the Plasma Pistol and polish them off with about 5 bullets from your SMG. This is a close to mdeium range technique that is extremely effective.

Next Post will have some good level glitches!


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