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Author : kyoshiro mibu
Article ID : 60
Audience : Top News
Version 2.00
Published Date: 2005/2/21 17:44:57
Reads : 3458

Click to see original Image in a new windowHey guys and gals, want to use your neighbor's wireless internet to surf for free? Want your "neighbor" to be almost a mile away? Want the cops to pull up to THEIR door instead of yours? LOL! Well look no further than www.cantenna.com

Well, since I'm on the topic just be aware of a few benefits of this product.

First of all, you can mount this sucker in the back of a truck and drive around neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and business complexes and sniff out their wireless activity. I recommend you use an IBM Thinkpad for this. Knoppix runs flawlessly and those little suckers are cheap, tough as bricks and have a battery life of FOREVER (about 6 hours).

Take some concrete chalk with you and mark the pavement for future reference and for other hackers. Don't get me wrong, I don't CONDONE doing this. And I''ve never actually DONE this (that I'm willing to admit to). BUT, if you’re going to then this is your key.

By the way, this thing’s application couldn’t have been intended for anything else. Think about it. Unless you’re Mr. Gates and have a 50 Gazillion sq. ft. home you have no reason for this product. This is for what I mentioned above. Don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.


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