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Author : kyoshiro mibu
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Published Date: 2005/2/27 18:25:28
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I downloaded and used a new Xbox connection utility called XBConnect. It’s a great alternative to Xbox Live and it’s FREE! You just use your pc to connect through the Internet. So, you and your buddy can basically do a System Link Game over the Internet.
Here’s the skinny:

Well, before you get all gung ho and decide to download this program here’s a small check list of what you need:

A router. Preferably a Linksys or a Belkin. You’re going to have to hook both your PC and your Xbox into the router via RJ-45 (Cat 5e) cable. For those of you who are computer un-savvy that’s the oversized phone jack on the back of your pc.

Once your PC and Xbox are hooked up to the router run another Cat-5e cable from your router to your cable modem or DSL adapter.

Now you have it hooked up physically but what about those of you with modems? Easy. Just get a cross-over Cat-5e cable (go to Radio-Shack and tell the idiots [except you Mark  ] there that you want a cross-over cable and they’ll fumble about until their manager has to come do it personally). Just run the cross-over cable from your computer’s Nic to the Xbox’s.

For the software side of this, you router folks need to configure your routers accordingly. This means you need to find out what DNS address you were using before the router and plug that into the Router’s DHCP properties. But, before you go doing all of this just plug the router in and see if it work’s right off the bat. If not, THEN dick with it a bit. 9 times out 10 DNS is causing the problem.

For you modem folks just go enable Internet Connection sharing on your Nic and it should go just fine.

For both groups, make sure your firewalls are set up to allow this traffic to go through properly. DON’T USE THAT CRAPPY WINDOWS FIREWALL. That stupid-ass thing blocks #OOPS#ing everything.

When you finally get all this set up just go visit www.xbconnect.com and download their free version. This thing rocks. You can create your own server and specify who plays what and when. You can use any game that has a system link option. You can use your headset. You don’t have to have a head set! You can just chat! You can boot people! That’s really useful!

My name on XBConnect is Kyoshiro. Duh. I’ll post in the discussion topics under the Halo2 topic whenever I am going to Launch a server.


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Author Thread
Published: 2005/7/6 16:58  Updated: 2005/7/6 16:58
 Re: XBConnect = FREE XBOX LIVE!
Xbconnect is ok .. Xlink is FAR better .. way more options , a working mac version , linux , XBMC integration and more .. also if you own a ps2 xlink is the only place to play Gran Turismo 4 online! .. also does PSP and GC.

Published: 2005/8/19 3:19  Updated: 2005/8/19 3:19
 Re: XBConnect = FREE XBOX LIVE!
how do u down load the xboxlive?

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