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NewBB posttonews.php Modified For AMS
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/1/10 11:48:27 (2162 reads)

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newBB has a feature for "Post to News". Since I changed to the Article Management System (AMS) the feature no longer worked.

The file responsible for this feature is "posttonews.php" located in the newBB root directory.

Anyway I got out my trusty NoteTab Pro and modified the file to work with the AMS module.

To use just upload the extracted file to the /modules/newBB root directory replacing the existing file and enjoy.

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Xoops Server Folder Permissions
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/12/10 12:40:00 (3261 reads)

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When installing Xoops on a remote Unix server, some files and folders must be set to world writable, or Chmod 777.

What is Chmod: chmod is a Unix command that lets you tell the system how much (or little) access it should permit to a file.

When installing Xoops the following file and folder permissions should be set:

1. The cache folder: chmod 777

2. The uploads folder: chmod 777

3. The template_c folder: chmod 777

4. mainfile.php: chmod 777

These settings ensure smooth installation with the Xoops installation wizard.

Now after installation is complete:

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