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WebServerMasters now offers Site/Server monitoring
Posted by John Seymour on 2008/8/5 12:31:17 (4661 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAt WebServerMasters we are always looking for ways to improve the life of a webmaster and/or server administrator. We already do this by taking the burden of routine updates to the system or CMS off their backs with our Subcribed Services.

The server's or website's uptime is critical to keeping your users/clients happy as well as your business and income activities working steadily. How many times have you been away and found out after several hours that your site/server has been down for an extended length of time without your knowing.

This will happen no more with our new Monitoring Service which can be set up to notify you by either email or SMS when any selected service goes down.

Unlike other monitoring services, where all sites and servers are monitored from one location, ours is highly redundant - monitoring from multiple locations around the world. See on our Monitoring Network Page.

For more information, please visit our Monitoring Site, look over our offerings, read about our services and sing up for a 14 day Free Trial. You will then feel secure in knowing that all your services are up and running, or will know as soon as it happens when they go down.

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Looking at Viewlet Builder for Linux
Posted by John Seymour on 2007/4/13 3:50:29 (5092 reads)

Well I have found a great application for tutorials that work natively on Linux. It is Viewlet Builder from Quarbon.com. I have uploaded a sample for your viewing on my server. The only problem is that until I purchase the application ($299 US) there is a watermark on the saved tutorial. But by purchasing this application, not only will I be able to do tutorials natively on Linux, but I will also support one of the few developers that target Linux for development.

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Moving Xoops Tutorials URLs
Posted by John Seymour on 2006/9/20 4:55:44 (5981 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowFrom the beginning I have used wfsection 2.07 beta for my flash tutorial presentation module. I think it is time to move these to a module that has a history, and will continue to be supported by developers. As such I am currently migrating all tutorials to the smartsection module.

I will, due to the massive amounts of external links as well as search engine links, keep the wfsection links active for an extended period of time. But I would like to ask that all that have linked to the tutorials to update their links.

The following are the main categories of the tutorials, there are sub categories also:

1. Tutorials Main

2. XOOPS 2.0x Tutorials

3. XOOPS 2.2x Tutorials Will keep available until XOOPS 2.3 is released.


XOOPS Module Tutorials Some of these are in need of upgrading to reflect the new features in CBB.

Please feel free to join my site and give me feedback on changes as well as suggestions of new tutorials needed.

And again please update your links and bookmarks as the original links will be taken down after a while.


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Xoops themes, with header in flash.
Posted by iloveopen on 2006/2/27 11:10:58 (7728 reads)

this is my themes for community.

Header this theme customize in flash.
Click "Read More" to view image samples.

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XOOPS 2.2x Tutorials
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/8/7 9:08:45 (3673 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowI am currently working on a new set of flash tutorials for XOOPS version 2.2. The 2.0x tutorials will remain unchanged as 2.0.13 is still a stable version and those tutorials apply to that series.

With the new layout, as well as the new features in the XOOPS 2.2x versions, I felt it was necessary to update the tutorials to help in navigation and usage of the version.

Some of the new features include:

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Some Big Changes Coming(tutorials to be remade soon)
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/5/25 10:12:24 (18368 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowYou may have noticed that new XOOPS Tutorials have not been added lately, there is a reason for this. Let me explain.

Two recent changes are coming about that are going to require a rewrite in the tutorials. I am watching development of both, and will be updating the tutorials when I feel the changes are pretty much finalized.

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Xoops System Upgrade Tutorial
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/5/7 1:51:32 (3723 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowI have just created a flash tutorial that covers the upgrade process. I have seen a lot of questions in the forums and I hope this clarifies some things about the upgrade process. This does cover the Xoops 2.0.10 upgrade.

The link:

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Newbb 2 Tutorials
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/5/7 1:45:58 (4187 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe last time I posted here I had just started a tutorial section on my site. The usage of the tutorials have been great. And a big thanks to the Xoops community for that. Since the last time I have added two new Xoops Tutorials: The Xoops Installation Tutorial and under a new category The Xoops Administration Tutorials I have added Exploring Xoops General Settings.

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Xoops Site Migration
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/1/19 1:51:06 (15431 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAs I found out recently, migrating a Xoops website from one server to another can be a daunting task to a new user.

But after doing it once, I now feel that if I need to make the move again, I can do it faster, easier and more efficiently than before. I would like to thank all the Xoops users that posted their tips on this subject in the faq. It help immensely. Out of this article I will be pulling parts to add to the faq some points that I felt was not enough information on.

So read on to my guide to site migration, with no access to the command line.

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Xoops Tutorials
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/1/12 4:27:14 (5775 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new window I have just started a new section to this site. It is a section of Xoops Tutorials.

What it is exactly is a series of flash tutorials that explain how to complete different operations within Xoops and general site management functions.
Sometimes seeing is easier to understand than reading.

The tutorials are located in the Xoops Tutorials section of the site.

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