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Identities and making things easier for me.
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/16 2:17:19 (2197 reads)
Halo 2

When people from the WarPigW2 Clan join the website please use your GamerTag as you real name/login name so I know who the hell you are!


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New rules and mandatory practices
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/14 17:11:09 (2166 reads)
Halo 2

Mandatory Practices. The Clan will be holding these practices at the following times:

Thursday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST
Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST
Sunday night from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm EST

Here’s the details and rules:

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GREAT NEWS! Mergers and New Members
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/14 16:49:16 (1971 reads)
Halo 2

Mergers and new members. Mean Bast@rds Clan merges with WarPigW2 Clan. We’ve also re-vamped the organizational system I posted last time to be much more flexible. This merger pushes us to almost 3 Divisions with a huge skill set to draw upon for Clan Matches. Here’s the details and the new roster:

To view the Clan’s stats click here: http://bungie.net/Stats/ClanStats.aspx?clan=WarPigW2

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WarPigw2 clan roster and last night's clan matches
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/12 20:44:55 (2282 reads)
Halo 2

Well, we certainly had room for some improvement so we improved. We developed a few new strategies and re-made the clan’s entire way of thinking. With this new mindset we kick @$$ in Major Clan Matches! And we didn’t do so hot in a few Minor Clan matches….Also, if you want to know who all’s in the Clan and see their stats, I’ve posted it here:

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WarPigW2 first Clan Match
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/11 23:29:48 (1972 reads)
Halo 2

The first set of WarPigW2 clan matches. We only had 6 of us but we did our best. I TRIED to get them to practice before the matches but we were a bit too chaotic. Here's the break down of how the matches went:

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WarPigW2 Clan gets Group on Bungie.Net
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/7 22:53:05 (1895 reads)
Halo 2

We now have a group on Bungie.net
Here’s the link for our clan’s group: http://www.bungie.net/fanclub/53669/Group/GroupHome.aspx

I’ll be posting things here as well as on WarPigW2. Feel free to join!
group ID is 53669


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Halo 2 Glitching Lessons Part VIII
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/5 1:45:51 (1816 reads)
Halo 2

Here’s a new method for getting Tanks and people and Ghosts in weird places….

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Halo 2 Glitching Lessons Part VII
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/2 2:25:07 (1831 reads)
Halo 2

One of the really awesome tricks I learned last night. Send tanks flying!

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Amazing Halo2 video...crazy glitches!
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/3/1 2:47:19 (3090 reads)
Halo 2

Halo Video Link

The only way to describe this: OM #OOPS#ING GOD!!!!

if that doesn't work try this one:
Highimpacthalo.org Forum Thread.

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Halo 2 Glitching Lessons 6.5 and a Clan update
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/28 15:45:59 (1913 reads)
Halo 2

New tricks on Zanzibar! Last night we held the first WarPigW2 Clan practice.
Current Members:

YukimuraSonada (that’s me): Overlord
A55Monger : Overlord
GoochMaster: Overlord
Inferno013: Staff
NewStrongBad: Staff
XPlayer12: Peon
Moedaman: Peon

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