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Webyog releases SQLyog 5 for MySQL 5
Posted by ritesh on 2006/1/23 11:35:32 (4220 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowWebyog has released SQLyog 5 to manage MySQL 5. SQLyog is an easy to use,
compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database
anywhere in the world. SQLyog is FREE for personal and commercial use.

Apart from the usual db client-tool features like export, import, creating
& dropping of objects, diagnostics & flush tools, multiple database
connections etc. it includes lot of unique features e.g. HTTP/SSH
Tunneling, Database Synchronization, Schema Synchronization, Notification
Services, Migration Toolkit, Multithreaded query execution with option to
stop long running queries etc.

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MySQL Database Restore
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/6/10 11:22:17 (16744 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowIn the previous segment of this series of articles we discussed the backing up of the MySQL database with mysqldump and cron. I have since (through testing the restore process) revised the script slightly in that article. Please re read the article and add the change to your script.

Now we will discuss the restoring of our database backup. The good thing about using mysqldump to backup a database is that it uses native SQL language, and as such makes it easy to import via the MySQL CLI. With the previously discussed script, the database as well as all tables can be created from scratch.

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Regular Database Backup with Cron(Updated)
Posted by John Seymour on 2005/6/3 23:38:29 (16658 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe most important item to backup with any CMS with dynamic content is the database. Almost all data for these sites are stored in the tables within the database. Because of this it is good practice to backup the database reliably and often.

I have recently chosen to do a complete database backup everyday. Depending on the activities of your web site this may be too often or not enough. Some very heavily used sites, with lots of purchasing activities may do a full backup once a day, and incremental backups every 30 minutes or so. In this model the most that could be lost due to a catastrophic failure is 30 minutes worth of information. For me, 24 hours is enough to recover my site almost fully.

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