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Details on the LGA775 CPUs
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/22 21:34:09 (3131 reads)

Hey guys, just thought I'd qoute what Intel has to say about their new chips. This may clarify a bit about what you have to do to use them.

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Extend your wireless range with Cantenna!
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/21 17:44:57 (3450 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowHey guys and gals, want to use your neighbor's wireless internet to surf for free? Want your "neighbor" to be almost a mile away? Want the cops to pull up to THEIR door instead of yours? LOL! Well look no further than www.cantenna.com

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Infiniband! Better than Ethernet? HELL YES!
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/21 16:49:26 (3137 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowWell, since they're redesigning pc architecture to take advantage of Serial I/O what's going to happen to Ethernet? I mean, if they can make PCI jump from 33MHz to 2.5GHz what's in store for the Internet?!

Here's your answer:

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PCI-Express and LGA facts you need to know!
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/20 22:41:29 (5615 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowPCI-Express vs Conventional PCI and PGA vs LGA

Quite a few of us gamers are getting antsy with the new motherboards out there. Personally I prefer Gigabyte Motherboards to almost anything else. Abit would be my second choice followed by Asus. But what makes these boards so fantastic or pathetic? Well, the presence of PCI-Express and LGA! This is critical knowledge to have before investing in a new board or card!

Make sure to check out these sites: www.Express-Lane.org , www.Intel.com
and www.PCI-SIG.org for info on these new standards!

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Reasons for GPO's
Posted by kyoshiro mibu on 2005/2/20 5:15:03 (3054 reads)

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Windows 2003 Server Security and Policies.

When dealing with Domain Security and Domain Configuration it’s important to keep in mind topics like GPO’s (Group Policy Objects).

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Access Denied
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/11/19 10:06:55 (2386 reads)

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Scenario: You have just reinstalled Windows XP Pro on your Boot partition.
After everything is up and running, you go to open a text file on your data partition and get an error "Access Denied." How can this happen? Why can I not open my file anymore?

When you reinstall Windows, The SID (Security Identifier) is changed and the access tokens for all users are changed.Therefore, the files you are trying to open are no longer owned by you.

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Don't Lose Your Encrypted Data
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/11/12 14:04:05 (6889 reads)

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As it is good practice to protect sensitive data, and encryption is a good way of securing that data, there are steps that should be taken to safeguard the loss of data through the security that protects them.

Whether it is business or personal data, some are too sensitive to allow others to view. It might be the next big trade secret or your monthly bank statement.

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Don't Wear Your Work Cloths While Blogging
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/11/6 22:43:08 (2476 reads)

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I guess this was bound to happen with the popularity of the personal blog these days. A flight attendant for US airways was suspended after she posted pictures of herself in uniform to her personal blog, even though
she used fictional names and places.

It is a good idea to know the company policies on personal websites and blogs to avoid this situation.

Whatever happened to free speech?

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New User Profiles Customization
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/11/6 22:42:03 (2354 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowWhen logging onto Windows XP for the first time, a basic user folder is copied from the Default User profile and named to the new user's name. You know the one with the Bliss desktop background and no icons on the desktop except the Recycle Bin.

Sometimes, either for business or personal preference, this Default User profile can be changed to your liking. Here is how:

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Envy News Review of SMC 2804WBR 802.11g Wireless Router
Posted by John Seymour on 2004/11/6 22:37:28 (2442 reads)

Click to see original Image in a new windowI am writing this because this review steered me to purchasing this wonderful router.

I had a D-Link DI-524 networking the two computers in my house, but the D-Link firmware has some stability issues, and talking to there tech support by email pushed me away from them.

The SMC 2804WBR 802.11g Wireless Router, has a true SPI (stateful packet inspection) firewall built in. And for 29 dollars after rebate I could not pass it up.

The setup was very easy, although I had to set it manually as the cd install failed. But now I guess I need a wireless nic, as my sons computer - which is connected wirelessly - gets faster transfer speeds than my wired connection.

Read the full review, and I am sure you will like the features too.

And if not........I have a D-Link for sale.

Envy News: Quality Gadgets for Hardware Zealots

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