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WarPigW2 Support Terms Of Service

Welcome to WarPigW2's Personalized Support

The following are the Terms of Usage for this service.

1. This section is for additional support services for the XOOPS CMS, or included standard modules. Please note that other type CMS or modules are not excluded, but my personal expertise may be limited.

2. It is suggested, but not required, that before asking for help through this service that you first:

A. View the Tutorial Section of this site.

B. Post a question in the Discussion Board.

C. View the Faq Section.

If you do not find, or cannot understand, the solution from the above links, then please continue to read below.

3. This service is not a free support service. As it will require my personal time to help or troubleshoot a problem. It will require a subscription for access to this service. Then depending on the complexity of the problem, and if I need external coding help for your solution, an estimated price will be negotiated before the start of the fulfillment of the support request.

4. My site is a learning site for the use of the XOOPS CMS, and as such I will require your active participation in any of the support request you submit. In this way I can actively teach you what the problem and solutions are so if the same problem happens in the future, you will have the knowledge to repair it yourself.

5. Since I started using XOOPS, my knowledge of the CMS has become wide and varied. I am not a coder, or a theme designer, so please do not submit these types of request to me unless you want me to obtain the coder and/or theme designer and add their charges to mine.

6. I give no guarantees to the support request, but if I am not able to repair I will refund any moneys sent (by US mail or PayPal if available).
Before the start of any repair, you are required to make a full backup of your Web site including site files and database. I cannot be responsible for loss of information due to the activities of my repairs.

Submittal of a ticket binds you to the agreement above. This agreement is subject to change without notice.

Subscription cost currently is $7.50 US for one month access.

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