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Category: WarPigW2.com Support General Support
  Title: WarPigW2 Live Help  PopularRating: 10.00  views:1968
Description   Live help provided on this site.
Average Ratings: (1) (10)
Review submitted: 2006/1/30
Submitter: realyroten on 2006/1/31
Overall Rating: Category Ratings: 10 10
Description  Excellent Live support provided by Jdseymour today on one of my sites.
He was very Patience with me as we talked through my installation of a upgrade on my Xoops site that had gone wrong.
he discovered a error in one of my data base tables that was preventing the site operating correctly and soon had it back up and running after I had spent many hours trying to solve the problem.
I can not thanks him enough in the way he helped me and i have now subscribed to is support service here and donated.
Big thanks to him and his live support system in operation here.

Submitter: Kellymack on 2006/2/8
Overall Rating: Category Ratings: 10 10
Description  John is a very knowledgeable about xoops. I lost everything just about when I tried to downgrade to xoops 2.0 and thought I wasS.O.L. .....
But then I found this guy John.
John was very knowledgeable and in a very short period of time helped correct the problem and through all of that also helped me learn a few more things on Xoops.
I joined the support subscription and also made a donation. I encourage anyone who needs a helping hand to do the same. You'll be very happy you did. I know I am.

Submitter: Eluzion on 2006/11/6
Overall Rating: Category Ratings: 10 10
Description  I thought I had completely hosed my xoops website when trying to upgrade. Fortunately, jdseymour saw my post at Xoops.org and directed me over here. He spent nearly two hours with me, taking me through each step to finally having a fully functioning website again. By far the best tech support I've ever dealt with and he didn't charge a dime. Time is money, so I'm definitaly going to donate towards this website. Thanks again jdseymour!

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