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I was logged in and suddenly I am prompted to login again, why?
Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 05-Aug-2004 19:18 (3207 reads)
If you don't use the site for a certain period of time you are automatically logged out. Using the site means loading new pages, if you just have one page displayed and you don't click on any links then the site is not used.

You have to be careful when you are writing long comments or messages. While you are writing the message you are on one page and the site thinks that you are inactive. If it takes you a very long time to finish the message then by the time you submit it you may be already logged out. One of two things could happen at this point. If anonymous postings are allowed then the message will be posted anonymously, the site administrator may be able to help you to fix this. If anonymous postings are not allowed then you will be prompted with an error message saying "Sorry, you don't have the permission to access this area." and your posting will be lost. You may be able to use the browser Back button to go back to the form, copy your message to the clipboard, go to the Home page, login and post again.

If you are writing long messages the best thing to do is to write them offline in some text editor and when you are done go to the site, login, and post your message by copying it from the editor.

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