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What is a Referer Error?
Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 21-Jan-2005 19:02 (6123 reads)
If you are unable to perform actions on our site such as post a message or some admin functions, and use Norton firewall services. Sorry about this but it is actually just a conflict between two secure systems.

Xoops, Traction Time's website software checks by referers, which means:

When you click a Web page, your browser notes the current page that you are on and sends that information to the server of the new Web page. This way, the server for the new Web page knows the last Web page that you viewed. For example, if you are on www.symantec.com and click www.microsoft.com, the browser sends www.microsoft.com the information that you are currently viewing www.symantec.com. If you block referer information, the server of the page you are requesting to see does not know what page you saw last. By default, Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) blocks this information. However, some Web pages require this information before allowing you to view the page. If you need to allow referer information to pass to a particular Web page, you must create a rule for it.

So you will need to add us to Norton.

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