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Welcome to the Faq In this area of our site, you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as answers to How do I and Did you know questions. Please feel free to post a comment on any Q&A.
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Edit category Text areas You will find here FAQs related to text areas appearing on nearly every module of our site.
6 How can I quote some lines from another message?
Edit category Cookies and firewall You will find here FAQs related to cookies and firewall in relation of using our site.
3 Why am I having problems when my firewall is on?
Edit category Forums You will find here FAQs related to the use of the Forum on our site.
11 What does this mean: Topic is Locked?
Edit category News You will find here FAQs related to the use of the News module on our site.
6 What is the Archive menu item in the Main Menu?
Edit category Downloads You will find here FAQs related to the use of the Download module on our site.
12 How can I be notified when a new file is added to...
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13 How can I be notified when a new web link is adde...
Edit category User menu You will find here FAQs related to the user menu on our site.
4 Some posts or comments will display a poster'...
Edit category Registration and Login You will find here FAQs related to registration, login and logout.
12 I use Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal...
 Windows 2000/XP
General questions and answers for Windows 2000 and Xp workstations.
 Windows Server 2000/2003
General questions and answers for the Windows Server family

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Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 05-Aug-2004 18:58 (2529 reads)
In the Login block select the Register now! link, this will take you to the User Registration form.

User Registration Link

Step 1. Fill out the user registration form.

User Registration Form

Username: enter a user name that will represent you in the system; you will use this name to login and it will show next to all your postings on the site, this is the name under which other people will recognize you
Email: enter your email address; please make sure that the address is correct since it will be use to send you an account activation message
Website: if you have a web site then enter its address here
Time Zone: select your time zone
Password: enter the password you want to use, make sure that you can remember it and that it is not a trivial password; your password is not stored on the system, only a checksum is stored, you should not be afraid that someone will be able to see it
Verify Password: enter your password again for verification
Receive occasional email notices from administrators and moderators?: select Yes if you would like to receive occasional messages from the administrators or moderators; you will not be spammed, only important messages will be sent
Disclaimer: read the disclaimer and if you agree then click on I agree to the above, you can register only if you agree with this disclaimer

Click the Submit button.

Step 2. Confirm the registration information.

Registration Confirmation

On the next page you will see the username, the email address and the time zone you entered in the first step. Make sure they are correct.

Click the Finish button in order to complete the registration process. This is VERY IMPORTANT! If you don't click on Finish then you will not be registered.

Step 3. Activate the account.

After you click Finish the system will create an inactive account for you and it will send you and account activation email. This is necessary in order to verify that the email address you provided is correct and that it is your email address. Once you receive this email follow the link provided in the email in order to activate your new account. You will not be able to login until you activate your account.

Once you activated the account login and start using the site. You may want to edit your profile once logged in in order to provide more information about yourself.

Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 05-Aug-2004 18:57 (1971 reads)
Being registered and logged in gives you several benefits:
- you have a persistent profile on the site, people will recognize you and you help building a community
- you can use notifications
- you can send and receive personal messages
- some features could be available only if you are logged in
- some sections of the site could be available only if logged in

Forums ]
Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 11-May-2004 20:19 (2880 reads)
A topic that has been locked is identified by this image:Click to see original Image in a new window

The topic can still be read but no more replies are accepted. Why should this be required?

1. Some topics can extend for several pages and become too large to follow easily.
2. The point of the topic has been reached and resolved and further discussion becomes irrelevant or confusing.
3. The moderator decides to close the topic due to poor conduct or sensitive disclosures.

User menu ]
Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 11-May-2004 21:33 (3118 reads)
You can set a signature for every post you will make in this site. In order to achieve this, you have to select the Edit Account menu item of the User Menu. This will bring you to a page where you can edit your profile. If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a row called Signature:
User Profile : Signature

This is where you should write the text you'd like as your signature.

Also, if you'd like your signature to be attached to every post you make on this site, make sure to check the Always attach my signature box.

Don't forget to hit the Save Changes button at the end of the page.

User menu ]
Requested and Answered by Jseymour on 11-May-2004 21:28 (1903 reads)
As you can see on the image below, the User Menu contains an item called Inbox.
User Menu : Inbox

Clicking on that menu item will bring you to your Inbox page. Your inbox contains all the Private Message you have received from this site.

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