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Visit   The DMA's Privacy Policy Generator Popular site    Last Update 2005/2/13 0:27
Category  Technology  arrow  Web Design
How to Construct Your Privacy Policy

Constructing a privacy policy is a simple process. Simply fill out the questions below and submit it to us - we'll send you a Web page to post to your site.


The DMA's Privacy Policy Generator

Consumer notification of information policies is a basic elementof a direct and interactive marketer's information practices. DMA believes that all marketers operating online sites should make available their information policies to consumers in a prominent place.

On this page, Webmasters and administrators can complete a questionnaire (basing their answers on their site information policies) and create a privacy policy statement to be posted on their own Web page. This tool has been developed to help marketers create policies that are consistent with The DMA's Privacy Principles for Online Marketing.

Based on your company's information policies, either fill in the blank or select the proper response to each of the following questions. Your privacy policy statement will then be e-mailed to you for final editing and posting to your Web site. (Note: If one or more of the below statements does not apply to your practices, you may leave that section blank and it will not appear on the draft statement that we send to you). You can edit the statement once you receive it.

Privacy Policy Tips: Keep It Simple.

* Make the policy easy to read, easy to understand and easy to find on your Web site.

* Promote your policy internally in employee communications. Consumers are concerned about this issue, and your employees should know how your company responds to those concerns.

* Promote your policy with key stakeholders, including customers, investors, contributors, and policymakers. Privacy policies put consumers in charge of their information.

* Update your policy as needed to stay current with changes in your business.

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