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Google Makes It Easier to Create Virtual Reality ... TechNewsWorld
Google has introduced a new video format, VR180, developed with input from its Daydream team. The VR180 format, which displays what's in front of the user only, delivers good video quality both on desktop PCs and mobile devices. While VR180 videos appear in 2D on desktops and mobile devices, they appear in 3D VR when viewed with Cardboard, Google's Daydream headset or a PlayStation VR headset.
iBeani Tablet Stand - Geek News Central Geek News Central

iBeani is a small bean bag promoted as a tablet stand for iPads and other tablets….but it’s so much more. Tablet stand, book holder, doll recliner – if you want to rest something so you can see it better, iBeani’s your gadget of choice. Best of all, it doesn’t need batteries and doesn’t look out … Continue reading iBeani Tablet Stand

iBeani Tablet Stand

Xinix Offers Linux Lovers a Path to Zen TechNewsWorld
Xinix is an innovative newcomer to the world of Linux distros. Now in beta, this distro has been spearheaded by a single developer who slowly is bringing other programmers on board to move things along. Despite its early development status, Xinix has potential for Linux fans who like to experiment with new platform concepts and do not mind trying out an OS that is not yet fully functional.
Cyberattackers Kick Down a Few Parliament Email D... TechNewsWorld
The United Kingdom's Parliament on Monday reported a cyberattack on its email system over the weekend, when hackers attempted to access user accounts without authorization. Due to the "robust measures" in place to protect the legislative body's accounts and networks, fewer than 1 percent of the 9,000 accounts on the network were compromised, officials said. Accounts that were compromised reportedly had weak passwords.
Taking the Tech Away #1209 - Geek News Central Geek News Central

Have you taken the tech away? My older college kids pissed me off really since I have been back. So I implemented some measures some would consider cruel and unusual punishment. Listen in, I’m guaranteed to give many of you a smile and for the younger listeners send a chill down their spine. My New … Continue reading Taking the Tech Away #1209

Taking the Tech Away #1209

The United States of Amazon TechNewsWorld
Amazon's significant expansion into yet another market -- this time, grocery stores -- dominated many of my conversations last week. Clearly, Amazon warned us. I've been here before -- back in the 1990s, when Amazon was just books, I was running the company's e-commerce unit. I got into an argument with one of the analysts focused on Amazon, who believed the company wouldn't go beyond books.
Rivals Rev Up as Uber Hits the Skids TechNewsWorld
As Uber reels from the fallout of a sexual harassment scandal that led to this week's ouster of Travis Kalanick and several of his top executives, the company faces twin dilemmas: how to clean up its corporate work environment and restock its executive ranks; and how to maintain credibility with its customer base and core team of street level drivers.
GNC #1208 Space Corps - Geek News Central Geek News Central

Why is there a need to form a Space Corps as part of the US Air Force? Are we about to be invaded by Aliens? One could wonder what they are thinking we have NASA already. It’s great to be back in Hawaii, but I am a dealing with bad Jet Lag Get your Todd … Continue reading GNC #1208 Space Corps

GNC #1208 Space Corps

DHS to Congress: The Russians Are Coming Back TechNewsWorld
The House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday conducted a hearing focusing on the impact of Russian hacking on the 2016 elections. Members heard testimony from former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, who was in charge of the department when the actual hacking took place during the final months of the Obama administration. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the cyberattack, Johnson said.
Google Launches Go-To Job Aggregation Site TechNewsWorld
Google has announced the launch of new job search aggregation technology. The new initiative will allow Google users to search for jobs either on mobile devices or personal computers, and to use a set of filters to obtain highly targeted results pulled from many different sites across the Web. Google aims to use its machine learning capabilities to make an immediate impact on people's lives.
Trump Wants Tech Leaders to Help Save $1 Trillion TechNewsWorld
OnePlus 5 Lands - Geek News Central Geek News Central
Microsoft Expands Linux Container Support in Wind... TechNewsWorld
Raid Battles are Coming to Pokémon GO - Geek New... Geek News Central
Kodak EKTRA Smartphone Now Available in U.S. - Ge... Geek News Central
DJI Delivers Spark Mini Drone to First Wave of Cu... Geek News Central
Apple Centers Health Data Strategy on iPhone TechNewsWorld
12th Annual Podcast Awards - Geek News Central Geek News Central
GNC #1207 Bank Spying - Geek News Central Geek News Central
Samsung Introduced First HDR QLED Gaming Monitors... Geek News Central
Pyston compiler cranks up Python thanks to LLVM InfoWorld: Top News
A wireless router may someday charge your mobile ... InfoWorld: Top News
How network virtualization is used as a security ... InfoWorld: Top News
New data center protects against solar storms and... InfoWorld: Top News
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How to build a great data science team InfoWorld: Top News
Oracle to acquire content storage management comp... InfoWorld: Top News
Sprint, Windstream traffic routing errors hijacke... InfoWorld: Top News
Google offers $100,000 cloud credit for startups InfoWorld: Top News
Unimpressed by Windows Media Player 11 Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
Getting Around IE 7 App Problems Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
Microsoft Shows Off the New Vista and 2007 Office... Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
Microsoft Releases Financial Management Software ... Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
Windows Media Player 11 Hits The Street Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
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Supreme Court To Hear Microsoft Patent Appeal Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
Microsoft's Earnings Come In at the 'High End' Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
With Vista Clock Ticking, Timing Is Everything Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley
OEMs Unveil Their Windows Vista Upgrade Plans Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley

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